City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Gifts and Benefits Register

The Elected Members Mandatory Code of Conduct became operational as from 1 September 2013. The Code of Conduct stipulates that a Gifts and Benefits register is to be maintained by the Council's Chief Executive Officer and updated quarterly.

Council Members who receive a gift or benefit of more than $100 as published in the Government Gazette by the Minister, must ensure that details of each gift are recorded with in the Gifts and Benefits Register. This register is also available for inspection at the principal office of the Council.

Pursuant to Section 63 of the Local Government Act 1999:-
  1. ”The Governor may, by regulation, prescribe a code of conduct to be observed by the members of all Councils."
  2. Council Members must observe the code of conduct."

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Recipient Description Date Received Value
Claire Boan St Jerome's Laneway Festival
St Jerome's Laneway Festival
2018-02-02 $150.00
Anne-Marie Hubycz Port Adelaide Magpies Home Matches
Port Adelaide Football Club
2017-03-29 $171.00
Mark Andrew Basham Port Magpies Home Tickets & Car Park
Port Adelaide Football Club
2017-03-10 $171.00
Claire Boan St Jerome's Laneway Festival
Laneway organisers
2017-02-03 $150.00
Anne-Marie Hubycz Adelaide Laneway Festival
Adelaide Laneway Festival
2017-02-03 $140.00
Mark Andrew Basham Laneway Ticket
St Jeromes Laneway Festival
2017-02-01 $133.50
Gary Robert Johanson ShowDown Pre Game/Half Time Event
Port Adelaide FC
2016-08-20 $150.00
Gary Robert Johanson Dinner & show
Port Dock Brewery Hotel
2016-07-28 $130.00
Gary Robert Johanson 70th Anniversary Ball tickets
Adelaide City Football Club
2016-07-13 $330.00
Raymond Thomas Guscott Port Magpies Football tickets seating Car park
Port Adelaide Football Club
2016-03-15 $152.00
Anne-Marie Hubycz St Jeromes Laneway Festival
St Jeromes Laneway Festival
2016-02-05 $135.00
Helen Wright Ticket -Laneway Festival
Laneway Festival
2016-01-29 $135.00
Mark Andrew Basham St Jerome's Laneway Ticket
St Jerome's Laneway Festival
2016-01-22 $135.00
Carolyn Joy Martin TDU Exclusive day trip
Uni SA
2016-01-20 $100.00
Helen Wright Dinner SA Tourism Awards
2015-11-13 $120.00
Paul Russell Dinner for two at awards night
MetroStars Soccer Club
2015-10-10 $240.00
Gary Robert Johanson Business Luncheon
BP Australia
2015-08-12 $194.00
Gary Robert Johanson 2 tickets to Investiture Ball 27 June 2015
Charles Figallo
2015-06-22 $220.00
Matthew James Osborn Guernsey
Adelaide City Football Club
2015-04-23 $120.00
Helen Wright SANFL PA football club home game tickets
2015-04-15 $200.00
Raymond Thomas Guscott Port Magpies football tickets grandstand seating & car park
Port Adelaide Football Club
2015-04-08 $152.00
Matthew James Osborn Port Magpies home game tickets
Port Adelaide Football Club
2015-04-08 $172.00
Mark Andrew Basham Pair of SANFL Home Game Tickets Grandstand seating & car park
Port Adelaide Football Club
2015-03-27 $152.00
Gary Robert Johanson Port Power Football Tickets and Dinner
2015-03-26 $250.00
Gary Robert Johanson Premiers Reception
Office of the Premier
2015-03-01 $150.00
Gary Robert Johanson Clipsal Ticket
Office of the Premier
2015-02-27 $200.00
Gary Robert Johanson Laneways Ticket
2015-02-06 $130.00
Raymond Thomas Guscott festival ticket
2015-02-06 $130.00
Claire Boan Laneway Festival Ticket
St Jeromes Laneway Festival
2015-02-06 $130.00
Mark Andrew Basham Laneway Music Festival Ticket
St Jeromes Laneway Festival
2015-02-06 $130.00
Helen Wright Ticket -Laneway Festival
Laneway festival
2015-02-06 $130.00
Gary Robert Johanson Christmas Gift Hamper
San Remo
2014-12-18 $180.00
Gary Robert Johanson saucepans
Afghan Association
2014-12-13 $210.00
Gary Robert Johanson African Australian Awards Dinner
John Nze-Bertam
2014-12-04 $150.00
Gary Robert Johanson SANFL Grand Final Tickets and lunch
Port Adelaide Football Club
2014-09-17 $200.00
Gary Robert Johanson Madonna Dei Martiri Ball
Madonna Dei Martiri Molfetta Club
2014-09-02 $140.00
Gary Robert Johanson AFOPA Dinner
Charlie Shahin
2014-08-13 $140.00
Gary Robert Johanson Football Match Luncheon
Port Adelaide Football Club
2014-08-05 $100.00
Gary Robert Johanson $50 Coles Myer Gift Voucher
Clevertronics - won in raffle
2014-07-24 $50.00
Gary Robert Johanson Clipsal Motor Race - Premiers Reception
State Government - est value
2014-02-28 $200.00
Gary Robert Johanson Adelaide Premiers Reception
Premiers Office
2014-02-11 $100.00
Gary Robert Johanson Australia Day Council Luncheon
Australia Day Council
2013-11-22 $150.00