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Impounded Dogs

Dogs which are impounded by the Port Adelaide Enfield Council will not be released unless all fees and charges relating to the impoundment of the dog are paid and the dog is currently registered (pursuant to the provisions section 62 of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995).

The Animal Welfare League acts only in the capacity as an impoundment facility and the League or its employees have no input into the processes relating to the impoundment or return of the dog.

Note: The Animal Welfare League cannot release your dog without approval from Council.

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Please note that dogs may not appear on our web site on the day that they are impounded. If you have lost your dog it is important to check our website regularly and contact the Animal Welfare League (public pound) on 83481300. It is also advisable to contact the RSPCA on 1300 477 722 in the event that your dog has been injured.

Impound Number QG726

Date Impounded 28/02/2015

Time Impounded 13:33pm

Breed Cattle Dog

Gender Female

Colour Tan

Collar or ID none

Pickup Location Mersey Rd Largs North

Impound Number QG730

Date Impounded 01/03/2015

Time Impounded 20:30pm

Breed Border Collie

Gender Male

Colour Black & White

Collar or ID none

Pickup Location Cornell St Valley View